The MacLean Family

Angus & Cooper

In December 2016 you matched me with the most amazing puppy, Angus “Gus”. He is the love of my life and lives up to the term…velcro puppy. As I write this he is on my lap. I love my little buddy. In 2018 you matched my daughter with Cooper. A grandpuppy to love!  Gus and Cooper are best friends and keep each other busy!  Their antics make us laugh everyday. 

The boys are regularly admired.  I am proud to state that they are Hearts Delite Havanese.  They have been breed with care and love by an amazing breeder (and person).  I am so happy that you selected me to be a home for one of your precious pups. 

You are responsible for a lot of joy and love in our home. We cannot thank you enough. 

Sally MacLean

The Lawrie Family


We got to pick up our Georgie on Saturday, October 10, 2015. Our lives changed forever. Georgie greets us everyday with a smile and a tail wagging. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for him and the unconditional love we receive back is priceless. It all started with contacting Kim and chatting several times before we visited her and her puppies. She was pleasant, informative and very friendly. First impressions are very important to me. I didn’t have one worry about phoning or chatting with Kim. I never felt like I was intruding or bothering her. I think our only one regret is not getting two puppies that day. If I knew then what I know now and the love and joy we have, we would have brought two family members home that beautiful day.

Susan Lawrie

The Smith Family


Thank you so much for helping us to bring our Roger home. Our experience was wonderful. As a family bringing a dog home for the first time, you answered any and all questions that we had and were very supportive. We appreciated seeing pictures of the litter as they were growing, and you did an amazing job of matching our family to the perfect dog for us. Roger is active, but enjoys relaxing too. He loves to be with us all the time, and has been a welcome addition especially now that we are all home so much. I don’t know what he’ll do when we are all working outside of the house again!  He is very social with other dogs (one of the girls at the day care that he sometimes goes to often mentions that he’s a big dog inside a little body – he’s comfortable with huskies and labs and other large breeds, but also likes to have fun with the other “littles”).  Last, but not least, he is gorgeous. His markings and colouring is beautiful and his hair is unbelievably soft. 

We have really appreciated that you have stayed in touch with us, checking in on how we are doing and you have been fully available to answer our questions over the past year and a half.  You were recommended to us by another family who has a Hearts Delite dog, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made.
Thanks for everything!

Sue, Devin, Braeden, Tate and Roger

The Wright Family


My husband and I are long-time dog owners, having loved a Golden Retriever and three Schipperkes over the years, with our last Schipperke leaving us four years ago. At that point, we said that we really shouldn’t have another dog, as we have downsized to an apartment and are not so young anymore! However, our hearts have been yearning for a dog, and even before the pandemic hit, I had been researching breeds and breeders. As the shutdown began in the winter, we had narrowed the breed choice to a Havanese and had begun researching Ontario breeders. I was impressed immediately by the videos on Kim’s Facebook page – her love and care for her adult dogs and puppies, and the wonderful socialization and stimulation that she provided for the puppies. We spent time on a waiting list, of course, and we needed to be approved as potential dog parents, but the time and effort certainly was worth it! We brought home Devon in mid-May, and he has brought so much joy and laughter into our home. He loves everyone – dogs and people – he is smart and does certainly have a will of his own at times! We have taken the puppy and intermediate classes at When Hounds Fly, and of course the training continues. He has been the easiest puppy to housetrain, and he loves to ride in the car. We are so happy to have found Kim, and we know that Devon will be a loving companion and member of the family for many years to come.

Pat and William Wright

The Zimmer Family


We are very impressed with you and Hearts Delite. Finn is now 21 months old and is the smartest and happiest puppy! We appreciate all the care and attention you give to all the puppies and their moms! Everyone loves Finn and he loves them back. Our vet said he was extremely well bred. The canine academy thinks he is a Delite. 😉

Debbie Zimmer

The Cavanagh Family


It is with the utmost pleasure and confidence that I recommend Kim as a breeder. We got our Ellie from Kim in June of 2017. 
From our first phone call, it was evident the care and attention that is given to each and every dog that is in her home. From the moment they are born , she is with them and they remain her priority until they go to their forever homes. Her babies are lovingly raised, nurtured and socialized to be beautiful family members.The health and wellness of her dogs is at the forefront of Kim’s practice. As a responsible, ethical breeder, Kim ensures her dogs are healthy, have regular testing and lead happy lives. The lovely temperament and excellent health of the puppies is the result of carefully planned and monitored litters. Kim places great thought and consideration into every puppy and she should take great pride in the quality of dogs that she breeds. Our family does not hesitate to recommend Kim Mason as a Havanese breeder. She’s given us one of the loves of our life.

The Cavanagh family and Ellie ❤

The Lannon Family


Leo is the most loving and intelligent dog we have ever had. He has to go up to everybody we meet on walks and say hello and he loves other dogs especially being chased. He is most definitely a close companion and is by our side whatever we are doing. We are always told how beautiful he is and asked what kind of breed he is. We are happy to say that Kim was our breeder and recommend Hearts Delite to those who ask.

Kathy Lannon

The Schoch Family


It is hard to remember life before we had [Lucy]. 
Thanks for picking the perfect pup for us.

Paul and Family

Randi & Family


We are so happy with our Havi from Heart’s Delite! Kim knows her dogs so well and will select a dog that is a perfect match for you and your family! Our dog Marli is smart, funny, and energetic, and fits in so well in our home! She’s the perfect blend of snuggly / independent and playful / restful!  We love her so much and keep talking about when we should add another Heart’s Delite Havi to our home!


The Sherliker Family


I found Heart’s Delite after researching Havanese breeders. What separated Kim was that she really wants to know why you want a dog, what your experience is with pets, and what you want personality wise in your future pet. I think it is that last point that really helps as you get a dog that matches you.

Larry is wonderful. He is a happy boy, full of love. Strangers in the street think they are his special person as he just wants the attention of humans wherever he can get it and goes in for a cuddle at their feet. And he loves to play and play and play, with his dog friends. I couldn’t ask for more in a pet, he is perfect.

Kristine Sherliker

The Clayton Family


To anyone wanting to buy a puppy…..

I first want to say you need not look any further once you have come across Kim Mason and Hearts Delite Havanese.

We started our research for another Havanese puppy to purchase almost 2 years ago. Our havanese was 15 at the time and we felt it was the right time to add an additional Havanese as we also lost one 3 years ago to cancer.

The breeder that we bought our original 2 pups from had been closed down. The 2 Havanese from different parents had endured years of health issues. In researching for our new pup which we have named Henry we have learned what a true, real breeder really is. We now realize that our previous 2 Havanese were more than likely purchased from a puppy mill.

When I first reached out to Kim Mason (Hearts Delite Havanese) , I thought I just call and request a puppy. Boy was I surprised how wrong I was. But now I wouldn’t want it any other way. Kim spent time on the phone getting to know me. She asked me many, many questions pertaining to my experience with dogs, my lifestyle , my immediate family etc.  Kim is definitely a TOP BREEDER and doesn’t just sell her puppies to anyone. She will walk away from a sale and say no to money to keep her pups healthy and safe. If that doesn’t show you the love and dedication she has for her dogs and puppies, nothing will.

I remember saying to my groomer that Kim had to decide if one of her puppies would be a good fit for me. The groomer responded “ Now that’s a great breeder and only top, good breeders do that.”

When we went to pick Henry up we were welcomed into Kim’s home. She didn’t just hand us the puppy and say goodbye. She handed us Henry and watched us interact with him while also going over a bit about his mom, dad and his habits. You can see how hard it is for Kim to part with her puppies as she says goodbye.

All of Kim’s puppies have beautiful markings and awesome temperament. They are so adorable and show nothing but love. Henry has brought so much love, warmth and excitement to our family. We were so excited to welcome him into our family. We hope to add another one of her puppies to our family in the next year.

I forgot to mention how intelligent Henry is. His memory is beyond. Henry knows exactly where everything is or where he has left something. He has 5 balls all the exact same except each one is a different colour. He actually knows what colour he wants and won’t be tricked. Henry is probably also the best dog soccer player out there. Using both paws he passes the ball and runs around you. He also catches the ball in the air a house length away. Henry is definitely a people dog and always wants to be with us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are so happy that we found Kim and that she entrusted us with one of her little treasures.

Heather, Dan, Melissa and Sarah Clayton

Kitchener, Ontario

The Macchia Family


Parker has stolen all of our hearts and is loved by all of us.

Lisa Macchia 

The McGarrity Family

Panda & Theo

We have two wonderful dogs from Kim Mason of Hearts’ Delite Havanese.   We did our research and found Kim to be a diligent, experienced and well informed breeder.  On a personal level, she is an amazing person who pours into her dogs and it shows. Kim takes the time to learn the dynamic of each of the potential new homes for her dogs and selects the right dog for you.   We confidently recommend Hearts’ Delite to anyone considering adding this breed to their family…and we have!! Thank you, Kim, for everything you do! 

Shelley McGarrity

The McCart Family


Kim we are so thankful to you for bringing our beautiful and healthy Sophie into our lives. She brings absolute joy to everyone who meets her. She loves her home in the North where she is active in enjoying the great outdoors. As much she loves the cold and snow she always looks forward to running on the beaches in Florida. Thank you again for this gift.

Susan and Jeff

Catherine D. & Family


Kim is a fantastic breeder.  I was a first time dog owner and did tones of research on dog breeds before deciding on a havanese.   I found Kim, a havanese breeder in my region and gave her a call.  She was great to meet and very knowledgeable and I knew I was in good hands selecting a pup from her.  She places her dogs in wonderful homes and loves them like her own.  Most importantly she’s also there for support or any questions you might have down the road.  Mocha is 6 now and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Kim if they are interested in bringing a havanese into their family.

Catherine D.

The Rotella Family


I just wanted to send an email explaining how thankful I am to find a breeder like you who educated me so much about dogs and the dog you gave to us. I wanted to say that Ranger is just amazing. He’s the best dog I could ever have asked for. We love him very much and are so happy he is the new addition to our family. After having him for over a year now I realized he’s energetic, playful, and calm all at the same time. He loves to run outside, go on walks and chill with us while we watch movies. Ranger cheers us up when we’re feeling sad, angry and stressed and he will always be there for us. We love him beyond words and are so happy we found you and that you gave us this wonderful dog. 


The Musson Family


Deciding on bringing a puppy into your family is a big decision, but finding the right breeder is arguably an even bigger one. We did our research and found there was no shortage of people that were willing to sell us a puppy, no questions asked, as long as we had the money. There was only one breeder that was interested in who we were as a family and what our commitment level was to this decision. Hearts’ Delite will not “sell” you a puppy, nor are they interested in a transactional relationship with you. Kim Mason has built a championship bloodline through an incredible amount of hard work, love, patience and a rock-solid commitment to putting the well-being of her puppies first. The result are healthy, happy, well socialized puppies that come to your home from a loving, family-focused environment. The months we spent waiting for our Maggie to arrive was worth every second. She is perfect in every way imaginable, and the network of like-minded families that came with her, sharing their experiences and support is a huge bonus.

The Musson Family

The Dale Family


I have been privileged to have as companions several golden retrievers, a duck toller, a border collie and many other furry creatures of the equine and feline variety. They have all lived rich, full and well-loved lives. Suffice to say though, I have met a breeder or two.

I can say without equivocation that I have never known a breeder who invests more heart and soul into her animals than Kim. She is absolutely passionate about giving her own dogs (all her personal and beloved pets) a life filled with cuddles. She brings that same care and devotion to each puppy – from thoughtful breeding selection to daily individual positive interaction and stimulus. The outcome? … You get a devoted, bright, engaged and “ready to take on the world by your side” partner.

Ashlynne Dale

Kian & Family


Milo has been great joy to have and we are all happy to have him in our family.
Kian and Milo continue to be best buds and have lots of fun together.
Thanks so much for blessing us with him!


The Jacobson Family


Kim Mason is a true professional an extremely passionate, caring and dedicated breeder with  an innate talent for matching the exact right puppy with the right family. I can never thank her enough for picking my sweet  boy Parker out for me. He is perfect in every way with a beautiful temperament, so loving and smart and literally draws everyone in who meets him with his kisses and smiley face!
I would not hesitate to recommend Hearts Delite Havanese as one of the best Havanese breeders! You are going to get a quality puppy that is breed for temperament and health and the first eight weeks of their life is filled with love, caring and proper socialization. You can’t ask for more than that! I am truly forever thankful to Kim!

Susan Jacobson

The Dawson Family


Once we decided the Havanese breed was what we wanted, we began to research breeders. We not only reached out to a few breeders close to our area but, widened our search and stumbled upon Heart’s Delite. Their CKC information/description impressed us as well as their Facebook Page. We knew from that and our first email exchange with Kim, that Heart’s Delite was the Breeder for us.  We further solidified our decision after our first telephone conversation. It was very clear to us that Kim was an amazing and knowledgable Breeder that cares so much about all her dogs and their puppies. 
When we spoke, Kim asked many important questions to ensure we were ready to have the responsibility for a puppy. Her questions and our discussions ensured our lifestyle and household were suitable for one of her puppies.  After our conversation I was hopeful she would accept us to be on her wait list.  
Once on the wait list it took approximately 6 months before we would get our adoreable puppy.  We took advantage of this time to learn and prepare for our new family member.  Kim suggested reading material, toys, videos, etc., to us.  During the waiting period, she always responded promptly to my emails.  I always enjoyed our telephone conversations as Kim is a wealth of dog/puppy information.  She knows her stuff and is passionate about dogs, which we appreciated and loved! 
Finally it came time for us to make the drive from Ottawa to Orangeville on Thanksgiving weekend. What a perfect thing to be thankful for! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to see which puppy Kim chose for our family.  We requested to be surprised and not know prior.  Yes, Kim chose the puppy that she knew from experience would be best for our family dynamic. We were happy with this because she knew their personalities much better than we did. And it would have been difficult for us to decide since they were all so cute and perfect!!
When we arrived at Heart’s Delite, Kim came out to greet us. We reviewed expectations, received information, signed what we needed to sign and, had a great conversation and laughs. When Kim brought our beautiful little girl out to us, we had tears of happiness and excitement. It was one of the best moments that we will never forget! You could tell Kim was happy to know that this puppy, as all her puppies are, was going to be loved and adored. She really does ensure her puppies go to caring, loving families. 
We made the long trip home with our puppy who we named Callie. She was perfect for the entire drive home, played with some toys, enjoyed lots of cuddles and got some beauty sleep.  
Kim used a grass potty patch in the puppy area, so we continued that at home.  Callie never had an accident on the floor for the first 4 days!  After which she had very few.  It was clear that she was familiar with going on the potty patch. The credit definitely goes to Kim for that! We are now integrating outside potty and a bell to signal when she needs to go out. 
Callie’s wellness visit at the vet went great and, they said they couldn’t believe how calm and well behaved she was!  They were very impressed with her. In fact, the vet posted a picture with Callie on their Facebook page. 
Callie is very smart and learns very quickly.  She just started puppy kindergarten and they were very impressed with her skills. We are just so impressed with our puppy. She is so loving, and an absolute joy to have in our life. 
Thank you Heart’s Delite and Kim, for all of the care and time you put into raising wonderful and healthy Havanese dogs like our Callie! We are forever grateful. 

Connie and Stu

The Tanikawa Family


Kim is an amazing breeder and we knew that right from the beginning, the first call we had with her felt like a job interview! That call showed us the level of passion, care and love she has for her dogs: she wanted to make sure we were ready for the commitment of having a puppy. A few weeks later we had the opportunity to visit Kim’s home and meet two of the puppies, she watched us interact with them and called us the following day with her decision. Our Lula is 4 1/2 years old now and has not had any health issues, she is still showing the same good temperament, she is funny, smart, sweet, and beautiful. We love her to pieces and she is the perfect match for our family.

The Tanikawa Family

Mark, Charlene & Family

Chico Sauve

Where do I begin… First let me say if you’re looking for a new addition to your family, and you have chosen to bring a puppy into it. Congratulations now if that puppy happens to be a Havanese well look no further. Havanese Delight is the only place to consider. Let me talk about Kim the breeder, she’s an amazing, strong and passionate women who loves all her dogs so much. Believe me it’s apparent from the first time you meet her. She is ridiculously knowledgeable about the breed and you can see how each puppy is truly cared for and included in her extended dog family. She takes the time to explain what is needed to allow your puppy to flourish in his or her new home.  She makes you feel comfortable and included into her extended puppy family as well.  Unlike others she’s not about the money, she would rather keep a puppy than allow him or her to go to a questionable home, a character trait you cannot help but respect. Now regarding her puppy’s,  Kim takes the time to bring them up in a loving home, and the puppies are already condition, albeit spoiled to want that same love from his or her new owners.  Our Chico Sauve came almost fully pee pad trained. The breed if you’re unfamiliar is exceptionally loyal, playful, trainable and our Chico Sauve is quite cheeky when he wants to be. They love attention and truly want to make us the puppy parents happy. Chico has a very calm demeanour, which is infectious. He has the ability to make non dog lovers crack at his playfulness. He is truthfully a major part of our lives and he has brought so much fun, love, and compassion especially during these unique circumstances we all find ourselves in.  He is amazing with other dogs, and was socialized almost immediately. Which has made our day to day easier since Chico is comfortable meeting new dogs.  He is amazing with kids even newborns, however he does like to steal baby rags when left unattended only to be found in his dog bed or crate. We can’t imagine our lives without him, he recently celebrated his first birthday, and he is continuing to grow, learn, play and get into a little mischief when he can. I will add that I can say with certainty,  that our Chico wasn’t a one off, ironically close family friends of ours were looking for a considerably larger dog, but after meeting Chico they decided to contact Kim, and acquired a puppy of their own. Fast forward and Chico’s half brother Pablo came into our friends lives and ours too. The characteristics I described about Chico and Kims puppies could be recognized the moment we met Pablo.  Chico and Pablo have a very strong, bond and Pablo loves to antagonize his older brother, they are very similar yet different. I will end this by saying Kim keep doing what you do….your dogs are a  gift to us all. And I say with confidence if you’re considering a Havanese, Kim should be at the top of your list.

From the proud owners of Chico Sauve.

Dawn & Family


I first talked to Kim in Oct 2018 when I started looking for a puppy. I had decided on breed and was looking for a breeder. After our first conversation, I had decided I would get my puppy from Kim (if she agreed). I was so excited when she added me to her list.  She wanted to know what kind of home her precious puppy would go to live. When I picked my puppy up in April 2019 my life changed. I had an amazing, healthy and happy puppy from a very caring breeder. Jack slept the whole way home in my father’s arms. Jack is truly my Velcro buddy at home and when we go out. He is so smart and quick to learn. Kim is always happy to get updates and will answer any questions I may have regarding the breed. Kim provided me with reading material that has been a good resource.

Jack is an amazing puppy. I posted him so much on my Facebook page that a few friends suggested he needed his own page. Jack takes me for long walks almost everyday. He has so many friends on his walks that he has to stop and greet and lets them know how excited he is to see them. Almost every walk I’m told how handsome he is (even at stop signs from drivers of cars).  Jack has the sweetest personality and makes me laugh daily. Jack has never been afraid during a thunderstorm or run from fireworks since I’ve had him. Come winter and he just wants to be in the snow, jumping, playing and becoming a big snow ball. Jack is adored by my parents and they frequently ask when is Jack coming to visit. When we do visit Jack is greeted with excitement and I’m eventually greeted after Jack gets his scratches from my dad and his water from my mom.

Thank you Kim, for being such an amazing, caring and hardworking breeder. You care so much for your dogs and provide an amazing environment for them to develop into curious loving dogs.


The Williams Family

Spencer & Emma

Kim really knows what she’s doing and Havanese make the best doggie friends.  My husband, Ross, after having two dogs from the pound, he researched the type of dog he thought would suit us,  spoke with 3 breeders and we picked Hearts Delite even though located furthest from us.

Spencer, is over 5 years old, he is extremely intelligent, has quite understanding  of vocabulary, super mild mannered and  very loving.  Before my father-in-law passed he would visit the residence and greet everyone and sit carefully with my father-in-law.  He is very in tune with everyone he meets.

Ross and I decided, since we both worked from home that we were ready for a second dog.  Kim asked lots of questions about Spence and said she would get the right dog so he could be a big brother/uncle.  In my mind I pictured another white dog with maybe a brown in lieu of a black patch and exactly the same temperament.  

Emma is now about a year and a half,  as smart as Spence, very loving and super energetic an tri-coloured mostly black.  She wasn’t what I had anticipated, but once again Kim knew what she was doing.  Quite the princess, a bit the annoying little sister, but so much fun to see both at play, and when tired out at rest.  Emma is “the best”.

I can’t imagine a day starting without them both, our fur babies and owe a great deal to Kim and Hearts Delite.

Thanks Kim — Hearts Delite 

Sylvie Williams

Rick, Pat & Family

Jax & Odus

When Kim asked for a testimony, I jumped at the chance to brag about our beautiful boys that we adopted from Hearts Delite. We have not had any health issues with our boys. Our vet always gives them a clean bill of health. I strongly believe this is due to the careful breeding and excellent start in life provided by Kim. Her devotion, drive and love for the Havanese breed shows by breeding healthy, well adjusted happy pups.We are so thankful to Kim for entrusting us to provide a loving home to two of her precious pups. Our little Jax is 5 and Odus just turned 3. They are inseparable.Thanks again Kim. Your boys are doing great!

Rick and Pat

The McKay Family


Hi Kim,
I just wanted to take a moment to share some love since Rocky joined our family, along with a gazillion photos.  You were so thoughtful and involved during our calls about who we were, why we wanted one of your dogs.  I had initially reached out after meeting Shelley and her two Havanese.  These two (Panda and Theo) really left an impression us.  We considered adding one to our family as our dog Gertie was aging.  We lost her in August 2019 and after much thought and tears, we confirmed a spring 2020 puppy with you.   Then you shared Rocky’s story and him needing a new home.  It was love at first site when we saw his photos in November 2019.  I had said I wanted a blonde female and all that went out the window when we saw him. 
He’s such a gentle and playful little guy, maybe I should have named him shadow as he’s always underfoot with me.  I lost my father this past June and believe Rocky knows my grief, he’s always giving me his little nudges.
I just wanted to send this to say thank you so much for sending him to our family.  He’s truly such an incredible little guy :).

Karen McKay

The Esguerra Family


Kim has been such a joy and professional to work with since the initial time our family decided to adopt a brand new puppy from Hearts Delite Havanese.

After some initial research and conversations with Kim, it was clear that she was the right breeder for us. Her time, commitment and care was clearly evident from the start and our first conversation over the phone. We had a very nice discussion about the breed, the benefits, things to consider, history, tips, care etc. Her extensive knowledge, expertise and pure passion for what she does definitely sets her apart from other breeders. She possesses an intimate relationship with all her dogs and takes great care.

Upon pick up of our little Milo, she thoroughly went through the details of dog ownership and all the necessary requirements. She helped prepare for the next stage of our family’s new addition and I was thoroughly relieved that she covered everything for us.

When she left and brought little Milo to me, my heart exploded with glee and holding our new puppy just made all 2020 worries and hardships go away immediately. She chose the PERFECT puppy for us and an array of emotions overcame. Excitement, joy, happiness, cheer, delight and LOVE were just a few emotions that couldn’t be helped. We fell in love with him within seconds.

To Kim – We cannot thank you enough for what you have brought to our family. You made this life experience an easy and incredible one and wish you much success in life and in business. Christmas came early and our hearts are so filled with so much love to give Milo. I am easily open as a future referral and potential customer again in the future!

Eric Esguerra

Betty, Mark & Family

Mr. Digby

Our family would like to say thank you for our pure puppy joy.  Mr. Digby has been part of our family now for two years and we feel like it is Christmas every day.  Mr. Digby is always up for a cuddle and an adventure.  He must always be cuddled up to one of us and make fur to human body contact. We should have called him Velcro!

This is all in thanks to the amazing breeder you are.  Liam calls him his best friend and Digby is always game to partake in any childish adventure put before him.  He will hike, ask for a tummy rub, swim on lake rafts, take boats rides and eat fresh lake fish at a drop of the paw.

From the moment we had our first conversation, there was an ease with you and knew you were the breeder for us.  Some breeders use long questionnaires before you can even speak to them…you took the time to hear our family story and you were very open to questions. You spent ample time getting to know us—which is key in having a puppy join a family. We are sure we will be back for another puppy….Liam our son is already hinting, however the biggest proponent right now is me~Mark!

Thank you for your professionalism, sense of humor and most of all—your love for dogs.  It shines through each day when we look into those almond eyes while we admire our four paw bundle of joy.  Liam is set to bake more cookies for Digby—Christmas themed!

With thanks!
Betty and Mark

Divya, Sriram & Family


Simba is the love of our lives and we can’t thank Kim enough for matching him to us. He is so perfect!

He is our first puppy and we got him home in Nov of 2019. Kim was so patient in answering all our questions and explaining to us how things will change for good once we have a puppy home. 

Simba’s features are so beautiful and his fur is so soft. It is a proof that all puppies are bred with so much care and love. We still keep looking at all the videos Kim posts on Facebook and they are a joy to watch. 

Loved our experience with Hearts Delite Havanese. Thank you Kim!

Divya & Sriram

Jim, Diana & Family


I have not enough words for this beautiful little girl. She has brought so much joy and please to not only me but the entire family. She is part of every family gathering and my two granddaughters Lucia and Liliana just love her to bits… Literally… See pics. I have had to promise to allow them to babysit at least once a week where to go for multiple walks, chase each other around the back yard, play in the snow, dress up in dolls cloths and have naps together. Bottom line is they love each other dearly. Caleigh recognizes their house as soon as we drive up and breaks into paroxysms of excitement knowing that fun is in store! She currently has an open invitation for a sleepover to happen soon. Strange how this Covid lockdown has made the smallest things exciting.

All the other members of the family ask for a visit at least once a week to go for walks and many offers to babysit if Diana isn’t available and I have to go into the office. We are still working on leash behaviour on walks but she is coming along.

She is such a joy for Diana and I and each day she surprises us no end. She has such an amazing personality from sleeping quietly beside while we watch TV to being a little imp when I’m folding laundry. Her favourite game at the moment is to grab one of my socks out of the laundry basket and run an hide with it under the couch or the coffee table. No matter how much I scold her I can’t help but laugh when she does it.

She attends work with me each day and lies quietly at my feet while I’m conducting meetings on the computer and reminds me every two and a half hours to take a break and go outside.

And oh is she clever and smart! She constantly challenges me to come up with new and better puzzles in which to hide her doggie treats. She figures out the solutions quickly and remembers how she got in for the next time. Eg Egg cartons are no longer a challenge for her. She immediately remembers how to get it open, but still loves the exercise..

House breaking is pretty well in place thanks to all the work you did before we got her. There is the odd accident but it’s usually my fault for not noticing she need out or when she is all excited playing with the girls. Other than that she is spot on. (no pun intended).

Training is coming along really well. She comes when called even when there are distractions (First thing she learned). But she also know verbal and hand signals for sit, lie down, wait, and drop (When she has something in her mouth). I am amazed at this because our previous Havanese Jessie did not know any of that until she was at least three. So Caleigh must come from great stock!! What also intrigues me is that she is willing to learn and train without the use of food rewards. Unusual in most dogs in my experience.

I could go on and on about her but we just want you to know we consider you dog breeder of the decade! She is an amazing dog!!

Here are just a few pics since Christmas. I keep trying to get something more formal but she is not a poser and won’t stay still enough for our cameras…. but will get something soon… Second bath tonight and a bit of a trim to tidy things up! All the best for 2021 and stay safe….

With love,
Jim and Diana

The Hamilton Family


Kim Mason at Heart’s Delight Havanase is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met!

Kim went way beyond the call of duty to assist my wife and I in obtaining one of her beautiful puppies from a recent litter (a really gorgeous little guy we have named Gibbs…we just love him.) Our special situation called for a magic touch, and Kim over-delivered!

We especially loved learning about Kim’s business by following the joyful escapades of her new pups on the Heart’s Delight Havanese Facebook page. Anyone who has had a look will quickly determine how much love Kim has for her puppies. 

If you are fortunate enough to see a Havanese puppy in the future for your family, I highly recommend that you connect with Kim Mason. You will be treated with honesty, and fairness every step of the way. Kim is a true professional who is clearly at the top of her game. For us, it has been nothing but a fully enjoyable experience. 

Mark Hamilton

Christine, Darius & Spencer


Chewy is 5 now and he is as perfect as you are going to get. I know 3 people who have puppies from Kim and I recommended her to each of them. Everyone is happy and dogs are healthy and loved. My son has Aspergers and Chewy has been his buddy from day one. He is a loving dog with an excellent temperament. I really believe Chewy is the way he is because of Kim’s efforts. Its starts from the moment they are born and he was clearly well taken care of. I would not hesitate for second to continue recommending her and her Havanese. We are very lucky to have met someone so caring and always willing to help even years later.

Christine, Darius & Spencer

Megan & Family


There is no other word I can use to describe Kim better than ‘love’. Each and every one of her puppies is given everything they could ever want and need and it all comes straight from her heart. The minute I saw her Facebook videos I knew she was the perfect breeder for us. 

Kim is a kindhearted, compassionate person who is extremely passionate about what she does. She is a MASTER matchmaker—picking the puppy who is perfect for your home. The minute my family and I held Charlie we knew he was meant to be. And Charlie knew it too. 

When we reached out to Kim we were grieving over the loss of our first Havanese called Lucky. She has honoured him by dubbing Charlie “Hearts Delite’s Lucky Charm”. 

Charlie certainly lives up to that name. He is loving, hilarious, cuddly, and beautiful inside and out. He loves his mama and his grandparents. We cannot imagine our lives without him. And we feel so lucky to have him and to have met Kim. 

Thank you a million times over Kim. You have a huge place in my heart.

Megan Laursen

The Francis Family


Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be a puppy/dog parent. I didn’t grow up with a dog and was honestly apprehensive around most dogs. However, things changed for me two years ago after I saw how great my son was with dogs. He was a natural and volunteered to “dog-sit” our friends’ dogs when they went away. He was so loving, caring and truly happy when caring for the dogs. He had been asking for a dog since he was 5 years old and I knew that the best gift I could ever give him would be to experience the loyalty and companionship of a dog. Being that I didn’t know a lot about dogs, I researched breeds that had a great temperament with children. With Havanese being known to be therapy dogs, I researched for Havanese breeders in Ontario and found Kim. After talking with her, I knew that she was the breeder that our family needed. She took time to provide education and guide us in the right direction to prepare for the arrival of our puppy.

The day we met JJ changed our lives. He has been the perfect addition to our family. Kim took the time to learn about our family and ensured that she matched us with the best puppy. The transition was very smooth due to the loving environment that JJ lived in. As predicted, our son and JJ had an instant connection when they met. Our daughter was apprehensive for the first few days but quickly became his little buddy. She loves bringing him for walks, loves to teach him new tricks and has created an Instagram account for him. As for me, he has become my little companion following me everywhere I go in the house, laying down by my chair when I am working and waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs when I go upstairs. My husband says that JJ is my little shadow and everyone in the family knows which side I will take if there is ever a little conflict involving JJ. Although I never thought I would ever be a dog parent, now I can’t even imagine my life without him.

I truly believe that the love and dedication that Kim gives her puppies really prepares them for their forever family. We are so thankful for the gift of JJ and we will always hold a special place in our hearts for Kim because of it.

The Francis Family

The Lowry Family


We were thrilled to learn that Kim had selected us to be the parents of our precious Bentley. We have been the lucky owners of Havanese dogs for the past 20 years and when it came time to welcome a new addition, there was never any doubt which breed we would choose and what breeder we would be reaching out too.  My sister and brother-in-law obtained both of their Havanese (Shiloh and Lucas) from Kim and over the years they would often speak so highly of her.  

From the moment we spoke with Kim, we knew right away that our next puppy had to come from her.  We are confident in saying that we have never come across a breeder as knowledgeable and dedicated to the development of healthy, well socialized puppies, while maintaining the integrity of this special breed.

Our Bentley has proven to be the perfect little boy who loves people, playing constantly and even watching television!  He is a real clown!  I’m sure like his cousins Shiloh and Lucas, he is well on the way of becoming a life long Maple Leafs fan!

Kim, thank you once again for this opportunity.  We are sure Bentley will bring many years of happiness to our family.  

Doug and Joan

The Medel Family


I am so happy to have met Kim Mason.  During my search for a Havanese puppy, I came across Heart’s Delite Havanese and felt an immediate connection. We love how her dogs are also companions for those in therapy. 

From the first phone call with Kim, I could tell how much she cares for her dogs.  She puts in a lot of time, effort and love into them.  I knew that she was the breeder for us.  We had a very long conversation and I felt very confident that our puppy would be worth the wait.

Molly, the new addition to our family, is perfect for us.  Kim chose her for our family and described her as soulful.  She was spot on.  Molly is full of love and joy whenever we are with her.  Our new family member is growing up happy and healthy.  We can’t thank you enough, Kim, for Molly and the joy you have brought into our home.

Mark Medel & Family

Pupdate: John & Lidia


Hi Kim,

I hope you’re doing fantastic and enjoying Spring! Thought today was a great occasion to send along a pupdate.

As Charlotte and her siblings celebrate 5 months of puppyhood today, she is also celebrating graduation from her Level 1 obedience course! Charlotte is wicked smart and loves the training we do with her throughout each day. It’s going to take another year or more to be able to master all that she has learned indoors in the unlimited settings the world has to offer. As with any youngster it’s a long and rewarding learning process.

While Charlotte instantly embraced the use of the Potty Patch indoors this winter, transitioning outdoors to the yard since the snow has melted and the weather has warmed continues to be a challenge for her. It’s a whole new world outdoors for her and everything distracts her from doing her business. She is a hearty walker, is well-socialized indoors and out to sounds, people, and other animals, and sleeps eight hours overnight. She loves her crate almost as much as she loves us, but is confused that the cat just wants to be left alone.

We couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed than we are by Charlotte! Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

John & Lidia

The Repovs Family

Loki & Pheobe

I highly recommend Kim as she is a wonderful, knowledgeable and responsible breeder who raises her pups with the utmost care and love. We have been blessed to welcome 2 of her beautiful Havanese puppies to our family (our first dog Phoebe was several years ago and our second dog was a few weeks ago). Kim did a fantastic job matching our lifestyle and energy with Phoebe who is a Therapy Dog, and then finding a great match for our second dog considering us and Phoebe. Prior to finding Kim, we had met with a few other Havanese breeders and their pups and can attest to the fact that we are so glad we went with Kim. ♥️

Jessica Repovs

The Sgarlata Family


Sophie is the sweetest and most joyful little soul who brightens our days with her humourous antics, her kisses and cuddles.   She is a real little trouper about going outside in the winter and very patient when we bundle her up in her onesie and ski jacket to face the elements…lol.  She immensely loves her belly rubs and gives us a nudge if we dare to use our cell phone when we are snuggled up to her.  She is teaching us lots of life lessons for sure. We are so thankful that you chose Sophie for us Kim.  She is such a blessing!!!

Stay healthy and nice and toasty.

Julia Sgarlata 

The Waite Family


Kim from Heart’s Delite Havanese is one of the most passionate and caring dog breeders one can find.  After researching many different breeds and breeders, fate directed us to Hearts Delite, as for us Kim was just the right person at just the right time.  We fell in love with the photos of her dogs- that’s what drew us in but after joining the incredible community that she has created on her Facebook page, we learned, we watched and we discovered that Kim is endlessly knowledgeable about puppies and she lives for her dogs, putting their needs first always.  Kim’s puppy care is truly beyond compare as she sensory trains, socializes her dogs through the use of music, temperament tests to a tee and loves each of them fiercely.  Thanks to his incredible start in life Francesco is not only stunning, strong and healthy- he is confident, happy and adjusted to our home and lifestyle with ease.  Francesco is amazing with our two young children and is very clever, picking up on training very quickly.  During our wait for our puppy, our family encountered a tragedy and Kim was there to listen and worked with us to find just the right little pup who’s sweet and loving personality has helped our family heal.  We will forever be grateful to Kim for how she helped us through dark times and believe us, following her litters on Facebook, those gorgeous little faces always help to bring cheer to your day.  Finding Francesco has made our lives better in more ways than we can count, and so much of that is due to Kim’s awesome talent of matching puppies and forever families.  We would very highly recommend Heart’s Delite Havanese to anyone searching to complete their family with a wonderful puppy.

The Waite Family