New Babies Feb 9th

New Babies Feb 9th

Pepper BIS Sire Grand Champion Multiple Best in Show Ashtones Rock n Roll Heart

Is there anything more exciting than new life? It has been a very busy weekend here at Hearts Delite. On Saturday I took hearts Delite Coco Monet to the Wildwood show just to start acclimatizing her to the show environment, the rings, and the crowds.It was an exciting weekend for my handler Norman Fargo.  I am always in awe when I watch him  show a dog. His dedication and professionalism is beyond compare. The dog show world can be very harsh but his professionalism always shines through and he has no problem sharing his knowledge  with other  handlers and teaching the tricks of the trade. It is an honour to have him show my dogs and he handles some of the best dogs  in North America. Coco  had an opportunity to go into the sweeps and walked with Norm in the ring, (well), some times galloped!

Came home to the rest of my babies and they are always a happy loving crowd. Never matters what I wear, how I feel, they are just the best company and delight in being with you. I went Sunday afternoon to tape my radio show A View From A Broad on Musiclynk radio and got to meet two extrordinary performers  who with a large cast and crew will be performing The Power Of Love, A Tribute To Luther Vandross on Feb 13, 2014. That will be an amazing Valentines present for anyone. I heard the preview and the voices are like butter and I got goosebumps when I heard them sing.  I came home to Peter in the whelping pen with Nellie who is as cool as a cucumber and had just delivered four puppies. She waited  another few hours and had her fifth and now they are all snuggled in feeding. She really is an exceptional loving girl, and now I will not have one of my bed companions with me for the next couple of months. Still crazy snow out here but today beautifully sunny and so Inka, Howard, Coco, Hannah and I ventured out for a little play and everyone cavorted and frolicked in the snow…. I came back inside with red cheeks, and my entourage came back with snow balls attached to tummies!



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