Welcome to Hearts Delite

Welcome to Hearts Delite

Nothing is better then a new puppy. The soft fur, the snuggling and the wet nose kisses.  Then come the days of chewed up shoes, missing shoes and shoes covered in a stinky mysterious wetness. We will be addressing the specific needs of training a Havanese as well as giving some background on the breed and how to decide if it is the right dog for you.What is the history of the Havanese and what physical characteristics do they have?The Havanese is actually the only native breed of Cuba. It was just recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) within the last decade though its origins date back to the mid 1600’s. From Cuba, they became a society “˜must have’ in Europe in the mid 1800’s and, as they say, the rest is history!

Havaneses are known by their silky heat resistant coats (due to their origins in the sweltering climate of Cuba) that can range from slightly wavy to curly. They have no undercoat and the fur can be colored white, cream, champagne, brown (from gold to chocolate), silver, blue and black. They can also be a mixture of any of these shades. A full grown adult can be anywhere from seven to thirteen pounds. They are a favorite among the small breeds.

How do I know if a Havanese is the right type of dog for me?

In order to decide if a Havanese is right for you, we will take a look at the personality traits and upkeep generally known to define the breed. (Remember that these are only common characteristics that are associated with the Havanese, not set rules that apply to all of them. Every animal will grow up to have its own personality with its own little quirks. Your Havanese may be completely opposite in some of the areas I list here.

Havanese are known to be energetic, quick, friendly little dogs. They need a lot of attention and care (known to be destructive if left alone to long) as well as frequent socialization to keep them from getting fearful of other people or animals. They are quick to bark at just about anything.

They have a long beautiful coat that does not shed (because of the lack of an undercoat). People with allergies tolerate them well because of this. They need frequent grooming to keep their long coats beautiful or if they are not going to be shown and you want and easier wash and wear, a puppy cut is perfect.

Once you decide on the breed, take your time and choose a breeder who is dedicated to the breed and only breeds to improve and maintain the breed. Be ware of puppy mills.If you grew up like me watching shows like Littlest Hobo, Lassie and seeing movies like 101 Dalmations then you know that all of a sudden the breed becomes very popular and  are being bred by many who do not know or care about health clearances,standards, and temperment.  Unfortunetly many of those breeds then accrued many issues which could end up being heartbreaking for families down the road and end up being very costly.. There are very good Havanese breeders world wide dedicated to this amazing breed  and  are delighted to share with you their passion for these amazing animals.



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