Littermate Syndrome: The risky downside to raising sibling puppies

An excellant article when you are thinking of buying not one but two at the same time!  Do not listen to any breeder who says, yes it is not a problem. John Mairs who owns Tamsu (one of the finest trainers in Canada) and  has not only taught many dogs but is one of the Go to Guys…
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New Babies Feb 9th

 Sire Grand Champion Multiple Best in Show Ashtones Rock n Roll Heart Is there anything more exciting than new life? It has been a very busy weekend here at Hearts Delite. On Saturday I took hearts Delite Coco Monet to the Wildwood show just to start acclimatizing her to the show environment, the rings, and the…
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Snow Belles

  I might feel like this when it comes to this winter, But my girls love to play in the snow  and sometimes come back covered in snow balls.       Nellie                                                                                                                      Inka                   Coco Monet

Welcome to Hearts Delite

Nothing is better then a new puppy. The soft fur, the snuggling and the wet nose kisses.  Then come the days of chewed up shoes, missing shoes and shoes covered in a stinky mysterious wetness. We will be addressing the specific needs of training a Havanese as well as giving some background on the breed…
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