Month: February 2015

Mistakes When Bringing Home A Younger Pet When You have an older one

Many parents of a dog or cat who is getting up in years decide to add a younger pet to the family. Often, they are hoping the newcomer will invigorate the older animal, while also softening the blow when the current beloved pet passes. Introducing a new pet to a home with a senior animal can be hugely successful, or it can be a decision everyone in the family ends up regretting. When an existing…
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Play These games with Your dog, great fun and entertaining!

Variety is the spice of life, not just for us humans, but for our four-legged family members as well. Neighborhood walks and dog park visits are fine, but for his overall well being and quality of life, your canine companion should be offered a wide range of games and activities that challenge his mental and physical abilities. Rather than the same old boring daily walk with your dog, why not incorporate a few of these…
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