Month: February 2014

Pet first aid – Basic procedures

Emergency treatment and first aid for pets should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. But it may save your pet’s life before you can get your pet to a veterinarian. Poisoning and Exposure to Toxins   Poisoning is a pet emergency that causes a great deal of confusion for pet owners. In general, any products that are harmful for people are also harmful for pets. Examples include cleaning products, rodent poisons and…
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Tear Stains; A Veterinary Guide

A Veterinary Guide to Tear Stains by greg magnussen Classic “before and after” picture of the type used by tear stain snake oil salesmen. Oy vey, this topic’s a mess, isn’t it? I tell you what, researching this article revealed a TON of misinformation. I’m going to attempt to clear it up. Quick rule of thumb – any time there’s a million suggested treatments for something, that means that no one treatment works for everyone.…
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Good Breeder/Bad Breeder. Excellant article From Havanese Fanciers of Canada

Good Breeder? Bad Breeder? – How to tell the Difference (this is a great article from Havanese Fanciers of Canada) The table below lists some of the differences between reputable, ethical breeders and disreputable, questionable breeders as well as tips to help you tell the difference. We hope this is of some use to you in choosing a breeder you can trust. Also check out List of Questions to Ask a Breeder and About Pet…
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Hearts Delite Coco Monet CKC Ch at 7 months!

 Quite an accomplishment for a little girl. Under the expert handling of Norman Fargo, Coco got her CKC Championship Feb 21, weekend in Woodstock. She placed best puppy 3 days running and also Group 3rd, all three days.

Havanese: a rainbow of colours

 The Havanese are uniquely different from other breeds in so many ways. One of the most interesting of these, is coat colour. Few other breeds carry such a wide range of colours, markings, and patterns in their coats as the Havanese . The Havanese breed comes in an amazing array of shades; from white, cream, champagne, gold, and red, to sable, brindle, chocolate, silver, and black, displayed as single solid colours or in a myriad of two and…
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