Olympics and Havanese

canadian flag

What could be a better day. The sun is shining, the weather is still cold but tolerable and our medal count in Sochi keeps on climbing. The American womens hockey team were the favoured team coming into the games and let everyone know it. But with grace and dignity the Canadian girls just kept their focus on the games to come and today they just played and played well. They defeated the Americans in a game that was nail biting  to the last 10 seconds. Well nail biting to me that is,  the dogs were happy to be groomed and hugged while the games are on.

Not sure if they cared who played who, winners or losers but they delighted in our excitement when Canadians did well in their events and would snuggle in closer or look up to see what the big deal was. I swear Inka, and one of Hannahs pups were watching the televison at times.

House is filled with puppy energy right now and it is exciting to see Hannahs puppies not just socializing with each other but enjoying and seeking out our company and wanting to be held and part of the family. We are handling them more and getting them used to bathing,  grooming and just sitting together snuggled on a couch  with each pup getting its own “me” time with us  away from siblings. We see so many personality characteristics of this delightful crew and they are a joy to have and so beautiful  as well.  Tonight more Olympics, with dogs, fireplace and jammies..What could be better!

Here is perhaps another Canadian winter sport! Proud to say we can laugh at ourselves!

canadian swimming


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