Spring / Summer 2017




Hi There

I’m sitting at my desk with happy faces around me waiting to go back outside and play in the snow as I type this.  There have been changes at Hearts Delite with new additions to our family and new championships.  Those of you reading this will realize that I’m  an old fart technologically challenged so I am behind with how to add new info and slow to update. One of the ways to find out what is  new would be finding us at  the Hearts Delite Havanese facebook page, whereby I try to put in new articles and pictures of  home and new babies, plus you’ll find folks who already have  dogs still comment and would be probably more than likely to respond if you had any questions such as , if they were happy with their dog, us, etc .  On facebook, I try to update on  training, good training facilities, vets and so forth.

I am happy that you look at this site and read about us, but I do prefer to chat with potential owners of our dogs so that you can ask  all of your questions, and I can ask you a few. There are two reasons why I do this, firstly my priority is to be with my dogs and I find I could spend all day on the computer answering  questions and I can answer questions faster on the phone, plus you  get a sense of me and I get a sense of you and  developing a rapport is vital so that we feel a connection of trust , that I am a dedicated ,responsible breeder, and that I learn about  who you are and help in anyway the questions you need answered on this particular breed.


There will be litters this Spring and Summer, but  folks have and are  reserving,  so reserve if you feel comfortable with me, sooner, rather than later. If I don’t have a dog for you, I will know responsible professional Havanese people who also follow similar ethics and guidelines and I will recommend  them to you. It is vital that with the popularity  of this breed that you find someone who is not breeding loads of dogs, not breeding a bunch of different breeds as well as havanese, and that they are well aware of potential health issues and doing their best to maintain healthy dogs and doing the proper health certifications prior to breeding. many of us are now doing genetic Diversity as well but it is still new in its inception.

I think a dog is a family member and not livestock so it is vital to me that  I find you the best match for you and  not one just based on colour or gender.

My number is 519-942-9090 Home and 416-822-5150 cell

Warmest Regards


Winter /Spring 2017

Looking forward  to puppies in February and March 2017. Please call Kim at 519-942-9090 and she’ll be happy to  answer all of your questions.

We are members of The Havanese Fanciers Of Canada  as well as HOLA, and follow the guidelines and ethics to ensure that  this breed is healthy and we only breed healthy dogs who have completed  O.F.F.A. health testing as well as Genetic Diversity. Our dogs have completed their Canadian Championships (and some Grand Championships) and some continue to shine and win ribbons in the ring. Most importantly they are our family and our dogs only go to discerning wonderful folks! .

Please research this breed and breeders carefully, as there are many puppy mills, and  people trying to profit from the dogs popularity. We have already had customers who bought dogs who had compromising health issues , were poorly bred, and  lost at early ages. I don’t think anything is more heartbreaking than losing a loved  animal because someone decided to throw two dogs together.  If you say “but I don’t want a show dog, I want a pet, my response is, “what I put into my show dogs, ie: pedigree, health, temperament and classically beautiful looks, is what I put into my pets. You can also find us and get quick responses on Hearts Delite Havanese  on Facebook and see pictures of dogs, updated articles on training, nutrition as well as  happy Hearts Delite pups and their owners

I am always so happy to talk to anyone who would love to know more about this amazing breed.

HAVA-NESE Day!  ( corny, sorry)