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Hearts’  Delite where Havanese  are  a family affair. Our adults and puppies are cared for with TLC and no less is expected from the adoptive parents!


Heart’s Delite is a small  breeder located in Ontario Canada. We were  both professional Health Care workers when  we  initially came upon Havanese .  We wanted  to find a breed that would be great therapy dogs to assist those dealing with depression and PTSD. We were dog people who  had previously bred and shown Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands. Havanese are  intelligent, loyal, dogs who have a wonderful sense of humour and are as hypoallergenic as most dogs can be. We have found that they are perfect for all ages. They are also not  large dogs and can easily lie on your bed with you, or on the couch( if you allow). They are eager to please  and they learn quickly. They are not fragile little dogs  and in fact, are very hearty. They are perfect for therapy, agility, conformation and can run our Newfoundland ragged in our field.

As mental health professionals, we  were dedicated to our clients as we are to our dogs  and we wanted a Reg’d  Kennel name that was meaningful, and  hence  the name Hearts’ Delite. My Grandmother,  (who was also my maid of honour at  my wedding) was very special to me and  hailed from a town called Hearts Delight in Newfoundland which is beautiful and looks very much like Muskoka. I wanted the same down home casual, comfy,  environment for our kennel that my Grandmother exuded when I was a kid.

We are very discerning when it comes to the people who want one of our dogs, and you must be committed to providing love,  comfort and medical attention as needed for your Hearts’ Delite  puppy!


General Information

I am a stay at home Havanese breeder/owner.  Our dogs are shown by professional handlers .  All of our dogs  have championship titles, or are in the midst of working towards. We breed to meet the Canadian Kennel Club Havanese standards,  to maintain or improve this  breed, and we  take pride in our pedigrees. Many breeds have acquired varying health issues when they  become popular ,such as Collies, German Sheppard’s  and Dalmatians. People would watch television or movies  and gravitate to the breed that was in the latest show.  Many back yard breeders just looking to make money and not  being selective produced anything and everything, and  even though they could sell puppies  cheaper, the owners would end up paying dearly by higher  vet bills with many  health issues and  many died prematurely. Now the Havanese  who were barely heard of a few years back, are rated  as the 8th most popular dog for new owners in North America  Our goal is to maintain and improve the breed, and with that we are VERY selective with who we breed. We want your dog to have along healthy, happy life!

Our adults and puppies are cared for with TLC, and no less is expected from the adoptive parents. Our puppies are socialized in our home with our dogs, and family. Many will go to their new homes already  trained to use the grass or indoor potty patches. They  have been de-wormed 3 times, health clearances by our excellent Vet. Dr. Penny Rowland. They are vaccinated , micro chipped, and C.K.C  Reg’d.

We are not surprised at the multitude of friends these intelligent little bundles of charm make in the shortest of times and how  they acclimate quickly and become a member of your family. The highest  compliment I can get ,is that my owners keep in touch,  send pictures and updates and refer their friends. which they have.  I am blessed that our dogs are in very loving homes!

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